2022 Inspiring Hope WalkIn memory of Dr Linda Sullivan

Dr Linda was one of the kindest, inspiring, warm people I have known.  Over her decades as a veterinarian and teacher, she encouraged hundreds of veterinary students, only going home when the questions were answered.  

Dr Linda has been by Czar's Promise's side since our very first day, providing guidance and encouragement as a founding committee member and veterinarian advisor.  She brought decades of "Dog Jog" experience to our non profit, and tirelessly supported our cause however she could during her quiet battle against her own cancer. 

Please consder joining our team in memory of Dr Linda, who will always be in our thoughts for our annual fundraising walk.

Our Members

Kai-Biu Shiu
Joy Richardson
Jane Warncke
Robert Warncke
Jacqueline Epstein
Juliana Epstein


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