2021 Inspiring Hope Dog WalkTeam Valiant Ms V

Dear Velma -

For you I am grateful. In this world of uncertainty,  your love was endless.

Your life was a gift that enriched and deepened my own. You were my constant, my true north. And when you were gone you left a hole in my heart, an empty spot on my couch, a vacant back seat and void as vast as the universe.

But now, I love you in your absence, when I see the flowers in your garden, a spot where you would lay or when I hear a mourning dove's song. You are all around.

There may be other four legged friends that bring light into my life, but there will never be another you.

I am truly blessed to have had you in my life. I am forever changed by your love.

Thank you Pnut, I will love you forever.

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