2020 Inspiring Hope Dog WalkZoe Bark-Boa

Oh how we miss our sweet Zoe… it is so difficult to summarize the life of our beloved Beagle Zoe, I guess this is why it has taken me so long to write this…there are way too many memories that we would love to share so here is a bit about her crazy life and why we are supporting Czars Promise.  When Korbin was three years old he picked out the perfect Beagle that captured his heart and named her Zoe.  Zoe was a sweet and loving Beagle who was loved by everyone she met, she had an irresistible charm and who could resist that adorable Beagle face and eyes! Zoe was full of spunk and shenanigans… she had a special love for food, playing, lounging and especially chasing and howling at squirrels in the backyard.  Zoe was definitely one in a million and she is missed everyday but her memories make us smile, laugh and sometimes cry.  Zoe had several health issues growing up from chronic pancreatitis and epilepsy but that never stood in her way of being a happy pup!  On October 29, 2016 her eyes started to look cloudy, but otherwise she was acting normal, so we took her the ER Vet, we were told she might have Lymphoma.  This was devastating, but trying to remain optimistic until the test came back – the next day Zoe’s completely lost her eyesight in less than 24 hours.  After going on some steroids Zoe regained her eyesight!  On November 1, 2016 we received the devastating news that Zoe had Lymphoma and without chemotherapy she would be with probably only a month due to this aggressive cancer. On November 2, 2016 we met with Dr Shiu and the amazing staff at Veterinary Specialty Center we decide to do chemotherapy as long as it did not affect Zoe’s quality of life.  Zoe successfully completed her treatments and was in remission!!  Zoe was a fighter and never gave up.... that's where we came up with her team name Zoe Bark-Boa, she was a fighter like Rocky Belboa :)   Zoe lived her life to the fullest, she had lots of love, snuggles, went to Korbin’s baseball games, played with her sisters Dallas & Pippa and even as disgusting as it was…. after seven years of trying, she finally caught that squirrel…LOL.  On May 31, 2017 Zoe was no longer in remission, even though we were heartbroken we were thankful for the extra time we have been able to have with her. We were going to enjoy and embrace the time we have left with her.  She went camping for the first time over July 4thby the Mississippi River – she loved the walks and all the new smells.  On July 7thZoe lost her battle to cancer, she brought so much joy, spunk and fun to everyone.  We all love and miss you Zoe.    Please support Czar's Promise in the continued fight to help find a cure for cancer as well as support funding for groundbreaking canine and pediatric cancer research to help find a cure.  Thank you.

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