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My wonderful golden retriever, Maddie, was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2012.  With the help of Dr. Kai Shiu and her other care team members, Maddie lived and thrived for 19 months.  On October 25, 2014, Maddie crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join her wonderful mom, Chelsea, who lost her battle with hemangiosarcoma in 2012.  I promised Maddie that I would devote my time and efforts to finding a cure for canine cancer, as well as support others on the cancer journey.  Maddie and I would really appreicate your support of our fundraising efforts to reach our fundraising goal of $1,000.00.  I serve on the Czar's Promise Team and have experienced firsthand the positive impact our efforts have made in the lives of canines, felines and children in the Madison area.  Please consider giving your most generous donation to support our efforts.  We thank you in advance for your care and support.


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