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HealthyPetROUS Team was created to honor one of the greatest films, The Princess Bride and the rodents of unusual size which were encountered in the Fire Swamp and thought to not exist!  They do actually exist in real life as Nutria in South America and now seen as an invasive species in some coastal states!  Since Healthy Pet Veterinary Clinic specializes in small mammals, we thought this is a perfect fit! 

Our Members

Laura Patterson
Todd Toussaint
Lisa Brincks
Kim Toussaint
Natalie Breon
Leah Thorsen
Brandon Grob
Jessica Waugh
Emmylou Hermanson
Ian Vander Linden
Megan Humphrey
Amanda Obermeier
Michelle Menadue
Patrick Menadue
Michael Menadue
Lucas Menadue
Sue Roberts
Karen Phillips
Renee Bridich


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