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Beth Viney - A Promise Made

A Promise Made - Three Times Over.

Whitefish Dunes State Park in 2009.  I look at this photo and I can still see the sun, feel the wind, hear the crashing of the waves, feel the sand on my feet, the softness of their fur, sound of their breath, the stillness of our pure contentment.  The most peaceful of all times to enjoy Czar, Baby Bear Osa and Tundra. These memories, engrained in my heart, soul and mind for all eternity.

I did not know then, the paths that lie ahead and the journey which the universe had not yet shared.  That life would forever change, and the greatest of all challenges would put ones entire emotional and human existence into question, a journey that none of us wished to take, and an education we never asked to receive.

First was Czar.  Diagnosed with bone cancer in 2012, sacrificed his real leg, underwent chemotherapy treatment, and continued to live the most amazing life for 19 months until his passing on December 20, 2013.  And it was that moment, that the Promise was made.  To honor him, my one-in-a-million, and all the goodness he brought to this world, that a way would be found to help others whose cherished companions faced a cancer diagnosis. I promised, someday, somehow, with his guidance, I would find a way.

Baby Bear Osa.  The biggest Baby Bear Newf ever.  Loving, so full of humor and brought so much JOY to life.  He was and will always be my Baby Bear. Osa never had a chance.  My voice was not the last he heard as he passed away suddenly, unepxectedly and without warning on February 12, 2015 from Hemangiosarcoma.  Even now, I still struggle, as Osa's tragic passing was the worst night of my entire life.  My heart still shattered to this day, at what he endured in those final moments which cancer took his life without warning. A second Promise was made. 

In February, 2018, Czar's Promise was born.  A tight knit community of those who have traveled this cancer journey, bonded together to make a difference in the lives of those companion animals who had been diagnosed with cancer.  And, to help find a a cure each of us so deperately longs for. 

Tundra. Loyal guardian, protector, queen snuggler, brilliant TEACHER to so many young canines learning their way to appropratie canine ettiquette.  My rock steady, strikingly beautiful, soul sister, proud Tundra.  As with Czar, Tundra was diagnosed with bone cancer in September, 2019.  And after 72 extraordinaily difficult and hearbreaking days, Tundra was reunited with her bonded brothers at the bridge. The Promise continues...

Since January of 2021, Czar's Promise has provided over $19,000.00 in financial supportfor (103) chemotherapy treatments for local canines and felines who have received a cancer diagnosis, and are undergoing chemotherapy or palliative care treatment.  And since Czar's Promise began in 2018, over $45,000.00 has been granted to the UW School of Veterinary Medicine and American Family Children's Hospital,  to help find a cure for this horrific disease in our companion animals and children.  Because of the dedication of our all-volunteer organization and the graciousness of our community, Czar's Promise has made a life changing difference for countless number of families, giving them more time with their companion animals, the opportunity to create more priceless memories, and to solidify the strength of the human and canine bond. 

Czar, Baby Bear Osa, Tundra, momma misses and loves you so, so much. 

Our family, and the entire Czar's Promise organization, thanks you for your compassionate heart, kindenss and support. YOU make a difference.

Inspiring Hope.  Funding Research.  

This is Czar's Promise. 





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