2020 Inspiring Hope Dog WalkMary Ann Francis

Mary Ann Francis

As a member of the Czar's Promise Team, I am committed to doing everything possible to raise funds to find a cure for cancer in our canines, felines and children.  I have been priviledged to present fundraising checks totaling $45,000.00 to the UW Veterinary School and the American Family Children's Hospital to support their efforts in research to find a cure for the cancers which affect both children, canines and felines.  I was fortunate to be able to hear from the amazing doctors who are conducting the research studies.  One of the doctors at the UW Veterinbary School sahred that, without the support of Czar's Promise, her research project would not have been able to move forward.  This brought home to me the incredibel importance of what the Czar's Promise organization is accomplishing.  I am honored to be part of this important work and honor my dogs Chelsea, Maddie and Buttercup, who lost their lives to this awful disease.  Please consider giving your most generous donation to this important work.. I assure you that your gift will be wiesly used and will make an incredible difference for the children, canines and felines who receive the benefiits of the research being done.  I think you, in advance, for your care and support.


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