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Thank you for landing on my personal fundraising page!  I am so honored to support Czar's Promise, who's mission and founder is so close to my heart.  

As a veterinary oncologist, I have the privilege of caring for some very special companion animals; Czar was a particularly remarkable one. Not every family can afford to care for their pet's cancer.  And so it is a such a lifeline to be able to connect families with Czar's Promise for financial and emotional support. Even if it's just knowing that they are not alone in their journey - Czar's team is there for them.

By supporting Czar's Promise, you are not only supporting the work I do helping families facing a cancer diagnosis in their pet, but our determination to help move research along towards new treatments, new cures, new hope for children, for companion animals right here in Dane County.

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Kai Shiu  


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