2020 Inspiring Hope Dog WalkSaturday October 03, 2020



Auman, Krista (http://bit.ly/2Tkfmmm)
Bartels, Cindy (http://bit.ly/35NmOZQ)
Brincks, Lisa (http://bit.ly/3awB8t2)
Francis, Mary Ann (http://bit.ly/35KtfwD)
Henning, Karin (http://bit.ly/38cTnSw)
Hesch, Lana (http://bit.ly/2sTbCNY)
Hook, Heather (http://bit.ly/2QQgV9P)
Lippincott, Ann (http://bit.ly/2FxhW08)
Patterson, Laura (http://bit.ly/2t27NGj)
Reilly, Colleen (http://bit.ly/384bxWl)
Sherwood Zieser, Ann (http://bit.ly/2uWGfCy)
Stoikes, Mary Ann (http://bit.ly/2ThI8E9)
Sullivan, Linda (http://bit.ly/2wiiLbM)
Toussaint, Todd (http://bit.ly/38hYrFa)
Viney, Beth (http://bit.ly/2OoHjXR)


Ayla’s Extras (http://bit.ly/3a7j4G2)
Chessie Smiles (http://bit.ly/2NE88ps)
Edinger Surgical Options (http://bit.ly/2G78QaM)
Four Lakes Vet Sniffenwoofers (http://bit.ly/32ovuWs)
HealthyPetR.O.U.S’s (http://bit.ly/30fjN37)
Maddie"s Memory (http://bit.ly/36XiV65)
Pawsitive Pups (http://bit.ly/36aKWFI)
Team Patty Sue (http://bit.ly/2TvXN2Q)
The Dog Den & Puppy Den (http://bit.ly/2uMfzo9)
Valiant Ms V (http://bit.ly/399THCw)
Zoe Bark-Boa (http://bit.ly/3aq0Pvu)


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